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About Me


Strong Walls Shake But Never Collapse!


Sarnia Coke lives in Fort Lauderdale Florida with her daughter  who has and continues to give her the will to live. She migrated from Jamaica to the U.S.A. in 1988 as a teenager, expecting to walk into the American Dream. However, she was met with a life far different from what she imagined. She has been through more than most of her peers, and has overcome barriers that were meant to destroy her.

Sarnia is a woman who has always found the strength and courage to push through.  She holds a BS in Criminal Justice Administrative Management and is now pursuing her MS in Legal Studies.

Her hope is that by speaking her truth, she'll help women and anyone suffering in silence, find their inner-strength to overcome and achieve despite their circumstances. Her motto is to "Find the Will to Live and PUSH THROUGH no matter what."

Will to Live...Push Through is her debut novel, and is just the beginning!